As a top overseas IT service supplier, CTFF always engages in providing high quality information technologies and R&D, integrated IT solutions and services localized in China, and development of outsourcing to clients from Asia, Europe and America. We establish long-term strategic partnership with clients, aiming to become a leading enterprise in global IT service market and bearing the mission of providing first-rate international product quality and security standards.

                                                ■  Leading edge experience in telecommunication networking and information system
                                                With 24 years’ experience in IT industry, we provide our international clients with industrial solutions, product engineering solutions and relevant software products, platforms and services by focusing on software technologies and combining software and service, software and manufacture as well as technologies and industrial management capabilities.

                                                ■  Resourcefulness in project development for telecommunication networking and information systems
                                                With access to small and medium enterprises in the fields of telecommunication, transportation, environmental protection, health and medicine and others, we are capable of providing services such as business investigations in Chinese market, product promotion, localization development and Chinesization for our international clients.

                                                ■  Highly responsive after-sales maintenance support for software & hardware facilities
                                                We have been certified to be a CMMI5 Level company and meet all requirements of ISO9001 quality management systems. An independent quality assurance department has been established to continuously improve the satisfaction of clients and the quality targets using PDCA management methods.

                                                ■  Strong ability of software engineering management and project development conforming to international standards.
                                                We have been certified to meet all requirements of ISO27001 information security management. We have set up a specialized project development office which is equipped with Japan’s SECOM security management equipment to unify the management of project information security at the levels of legislation, the company and the projects.

                                                ■  Dedicated teams fluent in bilingual languages (English & Japanese) and competent in technological expertise and management skills
                                                CTFF has a multilingual service team consisting of 1,500 employees. The team, boasting of professional industry knowledge and teamwork skills, provides consultation, development and implementation services. In addition, CTFF works with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Fujian Normal University and other institutions to cultivate potential talents. Through the two-layer service model of “on-site consultation and remote development”, we are able to provide clients with high quality services that emphasizes the perfect combination of obstacle-free communications and optimized economic benefits.

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